We’ve heard rumours but didn’t think them to be true. There have been glimpses, and still we didn’t believe. Who said this mythical bird doesn’t exist? With confirmed sightings, and the science of taste we have come to the final conclusion that The Flying DoDough DOES exist.

At the core of our brand-new delivery-only restaurant concepts is the promise of chef approved, expertly prepared dishes in one of our trusted and current restaurant or commissary kitchens.

The Theory of Revolution

It’s a fact, things are better when they spin; the wheels of innovation, the planet… and chicken. The DoDough’s rotisserie chicken is slow-turned to lock in all the flavour for its journey to you.

The Origin of the Pieces

The DoDough has to find you anywhere, and we needed a pizza hearty enough to survive the trip. So don’t worry; our deep dish pizza will get to you as tasty as it was when it left our oven.

The Gift of Flight

The DoDough is back and better than ever, now it can fly. We will take off to find you at lunch in your office, or at home for a night in with that special someone.

Century Drop Co believes we can conveniently deliver food to your door while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our packaging is nearly 100% compostable. That means it’s made from organic materials and tiny microbes can consume the packaging, transforming the organic material into compost. Pretty cool huh? We thought so. The rest of the packaging is recyclable when compostable options are not available. We are committed to helping make a sustainable future possible.





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