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LUX…meaty steakhouse fare with an intensive twist on ultra-modern comfort. Dan Barnes & Therese Kehler, Dining Out, Edmonton Journal

What makes a great steak?


That starts with choosing only the finest of choice cuts of Alberta Beef.


At LUX Steakhouse + BAR94, our selection of great steaks range from our classic AAA cuts to our Prime Alberta Beef, but our guests have come to expect even more from us, and we are pleased to deliver.


After an exhaustive search for a product that shares our commitment to providing the best available, we are proud to have formed a partnership with Heritage Angus Beef, and feature a variety of their choice cuts of 100% antibiotic and hormone free beef. How they work is how they live, close to the land, in harmony with nature, connected to the highest quality standards possible. We share that passion for quality as we bring their fantastic products from farm to table.


In order to ensure that quality continues we elect to dry age our beef. Dry aging of beef is an art that requires extensive training and knowledge. The process is time consuming and expensive, requiring extra effort, storage and most importantly, high-quality beef. Our dry aging process begins with the finest premium choice loins, hung in a climate and humidity controlled room. The beef is aged for 28 days. During dry aging, up to 20% of the original weight of the loin is lost as the juices are absorbed into the meat, enhancing the flavor and tenderizing the steaks.


It is because of this dedication to excellence that we are confident that when dining with us you will taste the difference of a steak that is like no other.


I encourage you to click on the following link and learn more about this fantastic group of ranches and their exceptional beef program.




It’s not often that a dining experience leaves me feeling like I’m on cloud nine. Patrycia Chalupczynska, Eating Out, Edmonton Sun