Vegans, vegetarians, and health conscious eaters are people too! While your friends have enjoyed the convenience of picking up a burger or ordering a pizza, you’ve been stuck ordering a simple salad or cooking in the kitchen.
It’s been long over do, but it’s finally here! Sometimes we want to be lazy too.

At the core of our brand-new delivery-only restaurant concepts is the promise of chef approved, expertly prepared dishes in one of our trusted and current restaurant or commissary kitchens.

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Good for you, Naturally

What you put into your body matters. Get that umami feeling without feeling heavy and sluggish. Nooch’s healthy bowls will fill you up, without slowing you down, and a bonus they are packed with flavours and taste that you will love.

Grow Smarter

Variety is the spice of life! Gone are the days where we thought protein meant meat, meat, meat. Using super foods like nutritional yeast we provide filling, tasty, protein packed meals that will keep you energized and feeling strong for all that life throws at you.

The Garden w/o the Work

We bring you fresh vegetables, grains, and plant-based proteins right to your doorstep without the muss & fuss of growing them yourselves. It’s like walking into your own garden and picking only the best product; except we do it for you, create a delicious dish, and deliver it to your door!

Century Drop Co believes we can conveniently deliver food to your door while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our packaging is nearly 100% compostable. That means it’s made from organic materials and tiny microbes can consume the packaging, transforming the organic material into compost. Pretty cool huh? We thought so. The rest of the packaging is recyclable when compostable options are not available. We are committed to helping make a sustainable future possible.







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