We admit, we are a bit nostalgic for the the good ol’ days. A simpler time when the cars were fast and great food was slow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what was, at Whisky Smoke we are bringing the best smoked BBQ and comfort food to your door.

At the core of our brand-new delivery-only restaurant concepts is the promise of chef approved, expertly prepared dishes in one of our trusted and current restaurant or commissary kitchens.

If you have any questions, please call 780.244.1454.


Our prime cuts of bbq-worthy meats are smoked each day for 12-18 Hrs. Everything else may move fast these days, but juicy, tender, melt in your mouth, fall off the bone BBQ is something only time can provide.


Even the best meat needs a little help, and every piece of meat gets treated to our secret bone dust rub before entering the smoker. Once out, we finish with our signature red BBQ sauce.


Steeped in the best whiskey bootlegging tradition, our BBQ is able to burn rubber and get to you wherever and whenever you need it (minus the fuzz in hot pursuit!)


Smoked Poutine $9
Fresh-punched House fries covered in Montreal Cheese curds and topped with our Signature Smoked Gravy

Buckeye Pork Bites $13
Pork Buckeye breaded and fried to perfection tossed with our very own chili oil and smoked whisky salt served with an ancho honey sauce

Jalapeno Mac and Cheese $12
Macaroni coated with a cream cheese sauce, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, topped with a seasoned bread crumb blend

Southern Hush Puppies $7 (8pc) | 12 (16 pc)
Golden-fried Southern-style hush puppies with honey dill for dipping’ get an 8 or a 16-piece order

Country Fried Ribs $13
Our very own St. Louis Style ribs breaded and country-fried to greatness served with maple aioli


All soups are served as 16oz

Brisket ‘n Barley  $8

Smoked Chicken Noodle  $8

Creamy Pork & Apple  $8


All sandwiches served with beans and fries. Lettuce wrap available on all.

The Big Brisket $16
24 hour smoked brisket, shaved and piled high atop afresh made challah bun, our house pickles, coleslaw, and signature smoky-sweet BBQ sauce

The Pulled Pork $14
Tender & succulent pieces of pulled pork on a toasted challah bun with crispy fried onions, coleslaw, and honey mustard

The Whisky Smoke $18
It has the brisket, it has the pork, it has the chicken; all layers stuffed in between focaccia topped with coleslaw, honey mustard and BBQ

The Spicy Chicken $15
Spicy Nashville chicken on a toasted challah bun with coleslaw, house pickles and tomato


Pork Belly Crackling $5
Coleslaw $4.5
Smoked Beans $5.5
Burnt Ends $8
Fresh Punched Fries $5
Cornbread Muffin (4) $6
Cheesy Potato Salad $7
Cowboy Candy $5


All mains are served with cornbread, coleslaw, beans, and fries

Smoked Brisket $22
Our in house 24-hour smoked brisket with our home-made rub and smoked whisky salt

Rack O Ribs $19
Succulent and tender St. Louis style side ribs slow-smoked to perfection and glazed in our signature BBQ sauce

Nashville Chicken $18
Two pieces of Nashville style chicken breaded and fried to perfection for that glorious southern taste

The Whisky Family Pack $65
Everything you need for Family Dinner Night! 16oz Brisket, 18 pcs of Ribs, 4 Nashville Chicken, 5 cornbread, and a full side of all the fixin’s

SHAKES $5.75








Soft Drinks  $2.5
Coke / Diet Coke / Coke Zero / Ginger Ale / Sprite / Iced Tea

San Pellegrino  $3
Pomegranate Orange / Grapefruit / Lemon / Clementine / Blood Orange

Century Drop Co believes we can conveniently deliver food to your door while minimizing our impact on the environment. Our packaging is nearly 100% compostable. That means it’s made from organic materials and tiny microbes can consume the packaging, transforming the organic material into compost. Pretty cool huh? We thought so. The rest of the packaging is recyclable when compostable options are not available. We are committed to helping make a sustainable future possible.





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