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WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS | 10AM to 2PM. Families welcome!





Meals are a time where we should set aside the stresses of the day, calm down, and just breathe. At Hart’s we know about comfort. We’ve set out to create the “greatest neighborhood restaurant & bar”… a warm, relaxed social experience paired with a hand-made, locally sourced menu. And with food this delicious, we know it’ll be love at first bite. Our menu combines the very best simple yet ‘harty’ dishes that perfectly collide in our open dining & drinking space bustling with energy, warmth and interesting accents in every corner… wait till you see our ‘living room’. Think of Hart’s as an extension of your own home or office, where you can come and go with ease, take in the atmosphere and just enjoy for yourself. So come on in and get comfortable, forget your worries. Relax. Enjoy the pause… you’ll be among friends at HART’S.




Our food is always made with “Hart”. And nothing says “quality” like an honest to goodness house-made menu full of not only locally sourced ingredients, but also hand-crafted wherever possible – from our great selection off shares & salads, to our Sandwich Shop and our sinfully delicious desserts to our Hart’s House Specialties… so come, ‘Eat Your Hart Out’.


At Hart’s, you’ll find us very “bar-centric” with our custom long bar being the anchor to our entire space. From fine-crafted cocktails, our huge selection of beers, and yes, of course there’s wine, lots of it; from wine on tap to our fully stocked cellar. Our mixologists have something for everyone allowing you to ‘Drink Till Your Hart’s Content’.


Whether your tastes trend towards art-deco, restoration hardware, rocker-chic or something uniquely you, Hart’s has something to inspire. We know that where you choose to spend your time says a lot about you and you can trust that we take your choice as seriously as we take our genuine hospitality. Being the greatest neighbourhood restaurant & bar, we’ll be ‘family-friendly’ every day until 8pm with lunch, supper, and our weekend brunch… however at Hart’s we’re all about ‘Getting Your Hart On’ which is why we take on a great bar atmosphere every evening.


Take time for yourself. Relax. Breathe… work & family can always wait. Leave the stress and the to-do list outside… come ‘Pour Your Hart Out’ with us.