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A fresh food and beer market on Whyte.

What does that mean exactly?


Well, MKT (pronounced em.kay.tee) is our answer to Edmonton’s weekend beer connoisseur, the ladies looking for a night out, the couple looking for a great date with gourmet, local food – MKT offers it all… an upscale experience wrapped up in a casual, genuine atmosphere. We think of it as polished with rough edges. You might think of it as your new favourite.


Either way, what you’ll find when you come through our doors is an experience that’s genuine.
That’s all we want, really.



It’s locally sourced and as fresh as we can get it; picked from local farms and moved from the field to our kitchen as quickly as possible. We take those ingredients and put them in the hands of our talented chefs who have created a menu chock full of honest flavour.


MKT isn’t just a place for dinner, though. Weekend brunch, a business lunch, or late night are all a part of the menu. And there are some unique options you won’t find elsewhere.


Expertly chosen, carefully stored, and perfectly poured, our beer selection is among the finest anywhere. With 100 different brands available, 40 different bottled beers and 60 different beers on tap, we’re sure to have a variety that suits you no matter your tastes.


Don’t worry, our wait staff won’t be rattling off a five minute list to answer your question of “What do you have on tap?”


Every brand we pour will be on display on our signature custom keg wall.


Food and beer is a good start, but MKT has a lot more to offer. For starters our bar is stocked with every wine, spirit, and cocktail you’d expect from a high-end establishment. Our location gives us beautiful patio seating right in the heart of Whyte Avenue’s entertainment district. We’ll have live music featured from time to time, beer tasting packages and unique events to round out the nightlife experience.


At MKT we stick to giving you a genuine experience, and our everyday shot at perfect food and beer. It’s a place for people to come and be themselves, in a setting that lets them be just that.