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It’s been said, “Those who eat well, live well.”


That means having your fill of good food and fine wine. It means skipping the drive-thru and sitting down for dinner and conversation with your favourite people. It means living the Italian way, taking as much time as you want to sit back and enjoy a great meal.


Take your time and look over the menu. Choose one of our unique dishes, like a signature or custom-made pizza, and pair it with a glass of wine. Eat slowly. Savour the time spent with family. And finish off the meal with something dolce from our dessert menu.


The Parlour is where modern meets tradition, where Italian dining meets Century Hospitality. It’s a restaurant. It’s a lounge. It’s the place to meet family and friends. It’s the perfect marriage between beauty and taste.


That’s what The Parlour is all about.





We take taste seriously, which is why everything we serve is created in our kitchen. The pasta is handcrafted, and our Italian pizzaiolos make the pizzas from start to finish. From starters to salads to signature dishes, the menu is bursting with all your favourites.


Who needs bottle service? The Parlour’s wine is on tap and served at the perfect temperature. That means a wide selection of chilled whites and just-right reds by the glass or the carafe.


Wine on tap is good for the planet; eliminating caps/corks and cartons from ever needing to be used, less packaging, less fossil fuels used to ship the wine, less glass, less cutting down of trees for labels and corks – it’s a good thing.


Family is whatever you make it. No matter who you consider your family, coming together at The Parlour is always quality time.


Make modern your new tradition: enjoy classic Italian cuisine in a comfortable, contemporary atmosphere. Relax, be yourself, let loose, and go for the gusto!