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Rebel Food and Drink - Edmonton






Ignore the “That’ll never work’ers” and join the “Never say die’ers”.


Dare to be a little different and go against the grain with the latest Century Hospitality Group property. We’re a gathering place for family and friends to enjoy a variety of innovative food & drink. Life is full of rules. We’re a restaurant, we’re a lounge. We’re afterwork drinks on the way home, we’re brunch on the weekend with the family. We’re beers with the guys, we’re champs with the girls. We don’t need rules here! Just good times.


Our stylish room and casual inviting atmosphere will put you at ease while you taste, sip, and savour our creations. We want you to sit back and enjoy. No one’s going to raise an eyebrow if you order dessert first and sure, you can keep your hat on.



We believe that wine is thicker than water and those that dine together, grow old together. The Century Hospitality Group team have been a part of this community in one way another for almost two decades and we take that relationship and acceptance very seriously. We will honour the community with the dining and social experience that they deserve; one of honesty and high quality. We aim to do that with genuine hospitality by serving good food & drink all day, every day.


At Rebel instead of accepting “how it is”, we ask “how it should be”. Don’t settle for the “normal” way of doing things. Century Hospitality Group wants to challenge the status quo of a neighbourhood restaurant & bar by pushing the envelope of mediocrity and expressing our creativity and experience through food, drink, personality, and atmosphere. All with the purpose of celebrating our community together.



Rebel doesn’t stand on ceremony! Drink champagne from juice glasses or whisky from coffee mugs, as long as it’s with new friends or old strangers. Rebel runs on a full premium bar. That means you pick your poison; wine, spirits, beer, or craft cocktails. We won’t judge! We want you to be yourself and enjoy what you love. Remember, freedom is a full glass.


Fortune flavours the bold. That means big taste and a creative culinary team. If it tastes good, it’s on the menu. Whether you’re craving Mamma’s Lasagna, a juicy New York Strip, fresh from the garden salads, or home made ice cream for dessert we guarantee you’ll find a new ‘favourite’ on our menu. And what kind of menu roster wouldn’t be complete without late night shares, or brunch of course! Bring the whole family for salty caesars and blood orange mimosas every weekend morning. After all, we’re in the neighbourhood.